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10700 RPM


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630 HP


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850 KG


Technical specifications

90° V8 3.5-litre IndyCar Cheverolet GEN II IRL racing engine featuring 180° Flat Crank,steel flat plane crankshaft, incorporating a high flow-rate drysump oil system, integral 4 pump oil scavenge system, 2 oil pressure pumps and rotating vane water pump. Includes C/F Airbox and Kinsler race spec C/F indipendant-throttle body induction system.  The engine is blueprinted and port matched with a Bespoke high-flow tuned length Inconel racing exhaust system, specifically designed and bench tuned to this engine.

Hewlan-NLT 6-speed transverse gearbox featuring integrated PowerFlow Differential with ShifTec Cluthc Control & Paddle Shift with autoblip on downshifts.

Aerospace grade 7050 Al-Zn Aluminium Alloy monocoque with FIA specification crash boxes front and rear.  This innovative design incorporates a fully triangulated TIG-welded 4130-N tubular steel space frame with stressed floor pan and firewall bulk-head. The chassis features a Semi-stressed engine installation with sump casing and bellhousing joined by CNC machined aluminium alloy fittings, with the engine located on both sides and top by tubular steel “spiders”. The bellhousing is a fully stressed member, fabricated in ‘Docol 500’ high strength micro-alloyed steel.

Wind tunnel designed and tested Aerodynamic multi-piece composite modular body panels for ease of maintenance and access. As standard the kit features front and rear diffusers, full-width bi-plane rear wing, gullwing doors with gas-strut supports.  (An Optional Carbon Fibre Body kit saves ~ 30kgs).

~950kg @ Vmax

The XP-CR1 IRL has been fitted with an array of sensors and telemetry capturing devices feeding into a state of the art engine management and power control system from Ole Bhule Racing (OBR). Driver display and control are handled via a Cosworth CFW-277 Formula Steering Wheel and Driver to Pit Crew communications is provided via a Stilo: VerbaCom Pro Car to Pit System.  Other features fitted as standard include: electronic power-assisted steering (EPAS), electrically heated windscreen, single windscreen wiper, adjustable pedal box and OBR Membrane Panel. This car features an optional Rear Camera Display. (Optional Extras include: air conditioning).

Bespoke Tillet B4 FIA-compliant HANS compatible C/F Drivers seat with 6-Point Harness This car features an Optional Extra Tillet Passenger Seat and 6-Point Harness.  The car is fitted as standard with an FIA certified fire extinguishing system and electronic cut-off switches, both operable both within the cockpit and externally by race marshals and safety staff.

RACE: 80-litre ATL Fuel Cell – FIA Certified featuring dual Bosch High-Flow Fuel pumps and integrated Surge Tank with return style fuel system and fuel pressure regulator.

Engine ECU: OBR Euro8, Power Control: OBR PCM 2, Bespoke modular racing electrical harness (Modules include: Front, Dome, Cockpit, Engine & Chassis-Main).  Driver control and display is via the integrated Cosworth CFW-277 steering wheel TFT Backlit display and via the OBR Membrane Panel fitted to the main central dash.  This car features an optional extra integral Data Logging via OBR Euro8.

The suspension system fitted to the XP-CR1 IRL is of a fully independent double wishbone pull-rod type. Innovative in design, it features symmetrically Non-handed fixed length elliptical section tubular wishbones with pressed-in spherical joints for ease of maintenance and repair, the suspension system comes as standard with Intrax™ 4-way adjustable external reservoir dampers developed specifically for the XP-CR1 IRL providing the driver with an almost limitless range of adjustability for every track and race condition.

Bespoke Alcon Fully-floating disc brakes with six-pot callipers, front 340mm, rear 340mm.

Bespoke BRAID Forged GT Wheels featuring Centre-locking Hubs, Front: FD50 11.5x18J ET47, Rear: FD50 P/N 13x18J ET47.  This car comes as standard with an additional set of spare BRAID FORGED Alloy Wheels.

Fitted as standard with: Dunlop SP Sport slicks:

  • Front 27/65-18 TYPE: S7H,
  • Rear 31/71-18 TYPE: S7H.

(This car comes with a set of Wets fitted with Pirelli Competition Rain Tyres as standard).

L: 4527mm W: 1960mm H: 998mm

630bhp @ 11,500 RPM – detuned to 603RWHP @ 10,000 to extend service life.

446lbft @ 8428 RPM446lbft @ 8428 RPM


2.6 seconds (dependent on Gear & Final Drive Ratios)

230mph (dependent on Gear & Final Drive Ratios)